It’s Mac OS vs. Windows all over again- Geek out the future of technology

Is the Surface Studio still good enough for 2017? Not sure what o expect from the future of the two tech giants, Apple and Microsoft? We have all the geek juice for you to shape your tech future. 

mac vs windows


Apple has simply dominated the PC market right from the start. Some might disagree due the larger market share of windows globally, but when stacked up against the performance and reliability of Apple, windows always lags behind.

Windows OS was always very fragmented due to the fragmented specs sheet it comes with. One could not just put up a comparison between the two OS. We have the Microsoft surface studio which came out in the late 2016 is in direct competition with the iMac pro. Once we stack up both of these flagship computers against one another, the result that comes out is very interesting.

Both the OS are based on different platforms, thus this comparison will not include benchmark scores. Our testing will draw a comparison between the user interface and the functionality between the two computers. We will start off the comparison with the design aspect of both.


When put side by side the Surface Studio has a distinct edge over the iMac pro. This is due to the slim bezels of the Surface Studio compared to the iMac pro. Apple has not made any distinct changes with the design of the iMac apart from making it slimmer. The thinness does not compare to that of the Surface Studio, as the main hardware of the Surface Studio is in the base.

Both the computers come with brushed aluminum finish, but the Surface Studio takes an edge due to its futuristic look. Speaking of futuristic, Surface Studio is nowhere close to a traditional windows PC. With its hinges and a user interactive screen, you can use it more like a tablet form. The iMac has no such features.

Both the computers come with all the necessary ports and a wireless keyboard and mouse.


A display is the factor where both the computers get to throw jabs at each other. Both the computers come with exceptionally good displays, and we came to a conclusion that both get to have this one.

The 27 inch iMac pro comes with a 5k retina display while the Surface Studio houses a 4k LCD display. Though the iMac has a slight edge over the Surface Studio, when put side by side you won’t even notice the difference. The difference lies in the use of color. The iMac makes use of the DCI P3 standard of colors. If you are not aware what this means, this color standard is used for filmmaking. On the other hand, the Surface Studio uses a sRGB standard of color.


You don’t go and buy a computer based on the peripherals it has to offer. On the other hand, peripherals are not something that you can ignore. A computer peripheral can elevate the overall experience of the user. To say the least, an iMac pro does not with any peripheral, apart from the standard keyboard and mouse. To be fair, you don’t need any for the iMac.

The Surface Studio is a different machine altogether. It is a PC that attracts only a certain type of crowd and based on the user need. The most distinct peripheral that the Surface Studio comes with is the Surface Pen.

To make use of the touchscreen interface of the Surface Studio, the Surface Pen can be of great use for all of you graphic designers. The pen comes with various sensitivity settings, that allows you to use it in a similar manner you use a regular pen. It gives you greater control on what you are doing for greater accuracy.

Essential hardware:

Both the computers are designed for the different user base, and it clearly shows in the choice of hardware used in these computers. The iMac pro comes with an Intel i7 4.2 GHz processor, backed up by 32 GB of Ram and 2TB of Fusion Drive. The GPU used in iMac is the tried and tested 8 GB AMD Radeon.

To put in comparison the Surface Studio comes with an older version of Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive space. At a first glance, the iMac just shoots the Surface Studio right off the water, but the user interface is where everything adds up.

Software and user interface:

It is very difficult to compare the OS experience of both these platforms. On one hand, you have the fluid and reliable experience of the Mac OS, on the other the Surface Studio comes with a different OS of windows aimed at graphic designers and editors.

The 27” iMac is an everyday PC and more. The hardware that the Mac comes with can handle even the most power hungry task with ease. The hardware and the software are synced to perfection so that you get a standard experience throughout.

The user experience you get from the Surface Studio is totally different from that of the standard Windows OS. As per the name, the Surface Studio is aimed at the graphic designer community, and the windows 10 it houses is a perfect OS to work with.

What makes the Surface Studio different from iMac is that it supports various peripherals, such as the Surface Pen. Though the iMac is perfectly capable to do everything Surface Studio does. Working on the Surface Studio is much easier and interactive.

Our verdict:

Our testing of these two computers showed that these two are for different uses altogether. Where one is a regular computer, rather a powerful one, the other is a user-centric machine.

These flagship devices are used for two different work purposes, therefore it would not be wise to declare a single winner.

The iMac takes the lead when it comes to user interface and functionality, but the Surface Studio is more of a graphic designer-friendly computer.

Both the computers come with impressive specs, but the Surface Studio does not even stand a chance when it comes to direct comparison with the iMac pro.

In a nutshell, the iMac pro is one of the most powerful computers in the market right now; on the other hand, the Surface Studio is a specialty computer with a distinct user base.    

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