The pandemic owing to Coronavirus is said to have first come into human interaction from animals like bats and other intermediary animals. That is why various food technologies have emerged to inform people to consume the right kind of food. The transmission of Ground Zero is now the plan for the food experts to deploy in the Wuhan market. 

The idea was given in fact before the outbreak of Coronavirus. But, the market management has delayed in the functioning and thus the whole world is suffering now. After the deployment, experts believe that no other virus will harm the entire human race at all. 

Chinese Wet Market Specialization 

The Wuhan market is famous for the specialized selling of exotic and often endangered animals. People of this market sell these animals to earn money and also fulfil the demands of wealthy and middle-class people. After selling, these animals are used for meat for food. Furthermore, they also kill and preserve these animals for medicinal purposes. 

The mental and physical conditions of these animals always remain poor. They are stuffed in small cages atop one after another. In doing so, the animals get affected by different types of diseases in the dirty environment. People who consume them also get affected by the disease. Chinese authorities have introduced a strict ban on selling these animals. 

Despite being issuing the rules and regulations, people are continuing to buy and sell these animals. Humans, with the help of medical science, might have the antidote for several diseases but the initialization of diseases is not stopping. 

History Speaks 

Once, in the year 2009, the swine flu outbreak in the city of North Carolina pressed the poultry farmers much hard. They killed near the amount of ten million chickens to resist the flu but went in vain. In the late 1980s to the middle of the 1990s, there was an epidemic disease named ‘Mad Cow’. 

The disease killed thousands of people in the United Kingdom. Similarly, if the people of China don’t stop buying and selling these animals, there might be more dangerous aspects coming, after the Coronavirus. 

The Rise of Cutting Edge Food Technology

According to the animal welfare activists of the world, they have come up with innovative ideas. They have introduced lab-based meat instead of living animal meat. In addition to that, they also have other ideas. So let’s check them out one by one. 

Lab-based Meat 

In the previous year, several astronauts in the space station caught people’s attention by producing 3D printing. This was only possible because of the assistance of lab-grown or cultivated meat. The concept was pioneered by some organizations that are in the process of growing meat from animal cells. They are very much against the process of animal slaughter. 

A deep joint study by experts in Oxford and Amsterdam university had stated that this technology uses less land and releases near about 96% of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. In addition to that, it also consumes 96% less water and 45% of less energy. That is why the experts are very much confirmed that the lab-meat will not pose any danger to human health. 

The Plant-based Meat

It is the perfect contender for the reduction of dependency on reared animal slaughter. The plant-based meat is also a perfect alternative. The plant-based meat is now available to the common people in the United States of America and other countries. People are really liking the taste as well as the texture of the meat. 

Much improved quality of the meat has drawn more attention. With time, the ‘smart meat’ producing organizations have also started mixing proteins from plants. This results in the creation of hybrid products that are ‘OK’ tested for both humans and mother earth. 

Analysis and reports say that the sale of plant-based meat has jumped over 265% in the last 8 months. The suppliers have become very much demanding for the intensive sale of this quality of meat. In this pandemic situation, people are a little confused about whether to consume meat or not. 

The Diversification of Epidemic Risk

Research says that all of these meat production methods will be safe. Not only will it slash down the risk of the upcoming future diseases but also decreased animal slaughter as well. Furthermore, the reduction of deforestation, increase of animal welfare, and improved diet will benefit the public mental and physical health as well.

William L. Walker